Summer 2016 Beach Information

The 2016 Summer Season is over and beach parking permits are not required until next Summer. 

Parking permits for public beaches and ponds are required from 9am to 3pm, June 15, 2016 through September 4, 2016. A mail-in form for residents and taxpayers may be downloaded in PDF format.

Beaches close at 10pm. Cookouts on beaches are allowed only on private beaches and only with permits issued by the Brewster Fire Department. No fires are allowed on town or state public beaches.  Dogs and other pets are not allowed on public beaches, tidal flats, landings, and public ponds between the dates of May 1st and October 1st.  (Full parking permit regulations are found below.)

Smoking is prohibited on all Town owned beaches and ponds

The Town will provide both recycling and trash removal services at Brewster Beaches and Recreational areas.  We need your cooperation to make this program a success! Here’s how you can help:

  • Please use the beach lot/recreational trash container to dispose of your beach/recreational trash only. If the trash container is full, please take your trash home with you that day. Trash containers will be monitored.
  • Please use the designated recycling container for your recyclable plastic and metal containers. If plastics can easily be ‘squished’ please do so to make room for others.
  • Brewster does not allow glass on the beach or at recreational areas. It can break and create issues for bare feet and tires, so please respect your fellow beach goers and recreational users and leave glass containers for home use.
  • Please don’t put trash in the bins that are designated for recycling. Contamination of recyclables means they can’t be recycled and that’s a waste!
  • Please be respectful of your environment and others; take pride in your surroundings by keeping them clean and green.
  • Please do not put any trash or recyclables, other than what you used at the beach or recreation area in our containers. Not only is this illegal, but it creates overflow issues.

 Brewster Beach Map

Rules & Regulations for Beach Fire Permits

  1. 1. According to Laws governing the use of State property enacted in 2015 beach fires shall not be permitted on Crosby Beach. Additionally the Town of Brewster does not permit beach fires on any town-owned public beaches.Owners and/or renters of properties with private beach access are permitted to conduct beach fires following the protocol below:

    • The requesting parties must visit the Brewster Fire Department located at 1657 Main Street Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. to obtain a permit. There is no fee. 
    • Proof of property ownership, rental agreement, a letter from the owner, or a letter from the property association permitting beach fires at the location must be displayed when applying for a permit.

    2. The person obtaining the permit must be in attendance with the permit at all times.

    3. The fire shall be burned between 6:00pm and 10:00pm

    4. The fire is to be built on the beach below the mean high-tide line. No fires are allowed in the dunes.

    5. The fire is not to be left un-attended at any time.

    6. The fire is for cooking only, not meant to be a bonfire.

    7. The fire is to be completely extinguished when finished. Do not cover with sand to extinguish.

    8. All remains of the fire and any trash or personal articles must be completely removed from the beach

Beach Parking

Please understand that all beach parking permits must be displayed on the back bumper of your car or they are invalid.

This permit does not guarantee a parking place at any of the beaches. We have limited parking at the Town beaches. You must have a permit when parked at the beaches, but actual parking is on a first come basis. There is a $30.00 fine for all parking violations, including parking at a beach without a valid permit.

Residents: $20/season (Residents must provide auto registration and proof of residence) per vehicle.
Non-Residents: $15/day, $50/week, $150/season

Updated Parking Fines:
Beach Parking Regulations $30
Restricted/Prohibited Area $30
Parking within 10 Feet of Hydrant $30
Obstructing a Driveway $30
Parking within 20 Feet of an Intersecting Way $30
Snow Removal $30
Bicycle Regulations $20
Wrong Direction $30
Obstructing a Sidewalk $30
Obstructing a Crosswalk $30
All Night Parking $30
Other (see above) $30
Handicapped Parking Violation $100

Bay Beaches
Public beaches on Cape Cod Bay, starting from the east end of town are: Crosby Landing, Linnell Landing, Ellis Landing, Point of Rocks Landing, Breakwater Beach, Saint's Landing, Mant's Landing (Robbins Hill Beach), and Paines Creek Beach.
There Are No Lifeguards at Bay Beaches
Portable toilets are provided at Paines Creek, Mant's (Robbins Hill), Saints, Ellis, Linnell, Breakwater, and Crosby from Memorial Day Weekend through Columbus Day Weekend.

Freshwater Ponds
Long Pond Beach is accessible from Crowell's Bog Road, off Route 124. Lifeguard on duty from July 4th weekend to Labor Day Weekend, seven days a week, from 9am to 4pm. Portable toilets are available. Sheep Pond, accessible from Fisherman's Landing, and Upper Mill Pond, accessible from Run Hill Road, have no lifeguards, but portable toilets are available.

Accessible Beaches

Beach Wheelchairs: Brewster has three beach wheelchairs, two of which are Mobi-Chairs (which float in the water) and one regular beach wheelchair. One of the Mobi-Chairs is permanently located at Long Pond for the public's use, free of charge. The other two beach wheelchairs are available for loan at the the Council on Aging, 1673 Main Street, 508-896-2737, with pickup during weekday hours, Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4pm. A donation of $10 is requested. The chairs can be reserved; they are loaned out for one-two days at a time, which can be extended if not otherwise reserved. The weight limit for the beach wheelchairs is 250 pounds. The Mobi-Chair folds up for easy transport; the other is bulkier, does not fold up, and needs a larger vehicle for transport.

Beach Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

Ocean Beaches

  • Breakwater Landing (small slope)
  • Linnell Landing
  • Mant’s Landing
  • Paines Creek Landing 

Pond Beaches

  • Long Pond 

Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

Ocean Beaches

  • Linnell Landing
  • Mant’s Landing (accessible platform)

Pond Beaches

  • Schoolhouse Pond (accessible platform)
  • Upper Mill Pond (accessible platform)
  • Long Pond (accessible platform)


  1. Vehicle permits for Fiscal Year 2016/2017 will be available in the Visitor Information Center at the rear of Brewster Town Offices, 2198 Main Street, seven days per week, INCLUDING HOLIDAYS, from June 1, 2016 through September 4, 2016.
  2. Hours for sale of permits will be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  3. All individuals must produce their motor vehicle registration in order to be issued a pass.
  4. All permits will be non-transferable. After the original issue, a replacement permit will be available free of charge for new registrations or changes in motor vehicles. 
  5. Year-round residents/real estate taxpayers will be issued a permit only if they can provide sufficient proof of their status; i.e., deed, tax bill, water bill, license, registration, year-round lease, etc.
  6. Individuals not having their place of permanent residence or property ownership in Brewster are not qualified to receive a resident/taxpayer permit.
  7. Guests and relatives of residents/taxpayers are not eligible for a resident/taxpayer permit. This includes members of the immediate family or relatives who are temporarily residing in the Town.
  8. Renters and life-tenants must provide a copy of a current annual lease or other legal documents in their name or one utility bill in the applicant's name, for a Brewster address, in addition to the copy of the current vehicle registration.
  9. If the vehicle is leased, along with your registration, you must include a copy of the lease or a monthly bill that connects your name with the registered vehicle you are seeking to permit.
  10. If your vehicle is registered to a business, you must include a business card with your name and the name of the business to which the vehicle is registered or a letter on company letterhead authorizing your personal use, connecting you to the business and the vehicle..
  11. For properties held in trust, you must provide a copy of the trust documents showing property address and the names of trustees and beneficiaries. Only named trustees and beneficiaries are eligible for resident beach parking or waste disposal permits. (Excludes trustees of life-estates and "remainder" interests until owners of property are deceased.
  12. Time-share owners are eligible for permit for the time of their ownership only, and must provide a copy of the time share deed. Renters of time-shares are not eligible for a resident beach parking or waste disposal permit.
  13. The following are the fees for non-resident beach parking permits:
    Daily $15.00
    Weekly $50.00
    Season: $150.00