2017 Ellis Landing Littleneck Schedule

Littleneck beds at Ellis Landing will be open March 26th thru April 2nd. 5 qt. limit per week. Must be 1” thick (all seed must be returned to rock bed)

Rakes & Baskets available to rent by donation to support Oyster Program. Also, hats and shirts may be purchased to support our Oyster Program.

With construction due to begin at Ellis Landing and poor tides, this is the best week for littlenecks. We hope to re-open this area for one weekend when construction is finished and tides are favorable.

Thank you for your understanding

Tide Chart

  • Sunday – Low, 4:56 pm -.4 ht
  • Monday-Low 5:41pm -.8 ht
  • Tuesday-Low 6:02am -1.0 ht, 6:25pm -1.1 ht
  • Wednesday-Low 6:49am -1.4 ht, 7:11pm -1.2 ht
  • Thursday-Low 7:38am -1.6 ht
  • Friday-Low 8:28am -1.6 ht
  • Saturday-Low 9:20am -1.3 ht
  • Sunday-Low 10:16am -0.9 ht

For Questions call: 508-896-4546