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Harwich Tap to Orleans Project: Construction Notice

From Eversource:

Harwich Tap to Orleans Project: Dennis, Brewster, Orleans Construction Notice: Vegetation Removal & Work Area Preparation

Crews will be in your neighborhood soon to start construction on a transmission line upgrade project that will take place in Dennis, Brewster & Orleans, Mass., over the next couple months. This work is part of our continuing effort to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities.

Work in Your Neighborhood
Eversource will be upgrading the electric system by installing new wire along the existing 118 transmission line between the Harwich Tap located on Setucket Road in Dennis, crossing through portions of Brewster, and continuing to Eldredge Parkway in Orleans. The wire will improve electric reliability by enabling communication between substations. Construction will be done in phases and will not be continuous in any one area. 

What You Can Expect
First, we want you to know that this work will not interrupt electric service to your property, and that people working on the project carry proper identification.

Beginning next week, Eversource contractors will be working on the right of way in Dennis, Brewster, and Orleans. While there will be construction vehicles on the right of way, including heavy equipment, we will make every effort to minimize impact to your property. Project work will include site grading, mowing/vegetation removal, and setting removable timber mats. Please see page 2 for a description and typical photos of work expected in your area.

Hours of construction will typically be 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday – Saturday. We expect this area preparation work to continue from mid-November through the end of November. Due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, the work hours may be extended or performed on a Sunday.

Our Commitment to You
We are committed to being a good neighbor and doing our work with respect for you and your property. For more information about this work, please call 1-800-793-2202, or send an email to TransmissionInfo@eversource.com. Thank you.

Right-of-Way Clearing
Vegetation will be cleared in the right of way to provide access for construction equipment and a safe work area for crews. This clearing is needed for the wire installation work as well as the safe and reliable operation of the power lines. No herbicides will be used during the construction process.

To minimize disturbance to environmental resources, Eversource will employ a low-impact method of clearing, which includes minimizing the clearing of shrubs as much as possible, removing primarily tall-growing shrubs.

The right-of-way clearing typically takes a few days per structure span. The right of way will look different after clearing the vegetation; however, native shrubs and ground cover will grow back. 

Work Area Preparation
Construction vehicles and equipment must be able to access each transmission structure. For these vehicles, we’ll use wood timber mats to provide access to structure locations and to install level work pads, about 30 feet by 100 feet in most locations, to create a stable work area for equipment. Work area preparation averages 2 – 3 days at each structure location, depending on location.

We use timber mats in or around wetlands to protect environmentally sensitive areas. Temporary soil erosion and sedimentation controls (for example, silt fences and straw bales) and other environmental controls may be installed near the work areas during construction. We will maintain these controls as needed throughout the construction process. Typically, these environmental controls are removed after construction, though some may remain until the area is restored.

In areas that were previously landscaped, Eversource will work with the property owners to restore the areas that were affected by construction.

We thank you in advance for your understanding during this construction period.