You Were Off The Charts!

Brewster Vision Planning Committee Announces Record 25% Participation in Brewster's "Next Steps" Survey.

The Brewster Vision Planning Committee is pleased to announce that a record-breaking 25% of eligible Brewster residents partcipated in our recent online and "pop up" survey! Thank You!

We heard your ideas and concerns on issues like Community Character, Water Resources, Open Space, Housing, Economy, and Climate Change. Renters, second homeowners, year-round residents -- 2,312 of you participated and voiced your opinions. We are beyond grateful for your interest, concern, and involvement.

These survey results will inform the town's first local comprehensive plan which will align with the goals and objectives of the Cape Cod Commission's Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan.

Stay tuned for the next phase of our community planning process. Visit the town website at for more information.