Cable TV Discount for Low Income Seniors

A 10% discount off of the Basic tier of cable service is available to low income Brewster seniors who meet the following criteria:

  • Sixty-five (65) or older and
  • Head of household and
  • Receiving Medicaid benefits; or Mass. Fuel Assistance.

Interested persons should contact Comcast at (800) 934-6489. Local offices do not have applications available, but can put in a request to have the form mailed to the customer.

Note: This discount applies only to the Basic level of service, sometimes referred to as "lifeline service" consisting of only local broadcast, local public access, and government channels.


The form will need to be mailed to Comcast along with proof of eligibility consisting of

  • Proof of Age – Drivers License, Birth Certificate, or Passport
  • Head of Household – Lease, Deed, Town Tax Bill
  • Medicaid benefits under Social Security – Mass Health Card
  • Mass Fuel Assistance - copy of fuel assistance benefit certificate or receipt