Charter Committee Update

Earlier this spring, the Select Board appointed eight (8) residents to serve on a Charter Committee based on the approved charge. A municipal charter is a legal document that broadly defines how a municipality is organized, structured, and governed, effectively functioning as the local government’s constitution. The Town of Brewster currently has no charter, but relies instead on a combination of our local bylaws and state statute as our governing framework. The 2016 Government Study Report and 2019 Department of Revenue Report both recommend the creation and adoption of a charter.

The Charter Committee held its first meeting on June 28, 2019, where Town Counsel Lauren Goldberg, who will be providing technical and legal support to the Committee as they develop their recommendations, gave a presentation to help orient the Committee’s work. The Committee met again on July 12 and elected Karen Whitney as Chair, Richard Koch as Vice Chair, and Cynthia Bingham as Clerk. Going forward, the Committee will meet regularly in Room A of Town Hall every other Friday at 9:00am, unless otherwise noted. The agenda for the meeting can be found at least 48 hours prior to each meeting on the Town of Brewster Calendar. All meetings are open to the public. Check the homepage of the Town’s website for regular updates regarding the Committee’s work in the coming months.

Please see the link below for further Charter Committee information: