Brewster Coastal Advisory Group

The BCAG held its final meeting on September 19, 2016 and the Coastal Committee resumed meeting on January 25, 2017.

The Town of Brewster participated in a collaborative effort to develop comprehensive planning to address changes to its coastal areas. This Coastal Adaptation Strategy was based on current scientific information and on extensive public input and guidance. The public engagement consultant team was led by the Consensus Building Institute (CBI). Public Engagement included development of a representative Brewster Coastal Advisory Group (BCAG), which worked with Town staff and the technical team over the next several months.

The purpose of the BCAG was to communicate the range of interests, views, and experiences of Brewster residents and businesses to guide technical assessments and information, support broad public involvement, explore and evaluate potential management strategies, and seek consensus recommendations for a Coastal Adaptation Strategy that was responsive to changing conditions.

Abigail Archer 2016
Ryan Burch 2016
Matt Cannon 2016
Alex Carlson 2016
Ruth Courtnell 2016
Thomas Devane Jr 2016
Bob Dwyer 2016
Max Dwyer 2016
Claire Gradone 2016
Kyle Hinkle 2016
Patricia Hughes 2016
Bud Johnson 2016
John Lamb 2016
Chester Lay 2016
Mary O'Neil 2016
David Peterson 2016
Donald Poole 2016
Chris Powicki 2016
Jonathan Rice 2016

Archived Coastal Advisory Group Documents & Reports

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