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Patricia Hughes 6/30/2022

Video of the meetings can be found by clicking on “Archives-Ch 18 Video Archive-Other Government Meetings – Coastal Committee”
Please check the Town of Brewster Calendar to find the date of and agenda for the next meeting. At this time, the Coastal Committee does not have a regular meeting schedule.

The Committee was formed in 2014 and at that time the Board of Selectmen gave the guidance below.

The objective of the Brewster Coastal Committee is to develop a management plan for Brewster’s coastal resources. The Committee shall:

Conduct an assessment of the coastal processes, natural resources, existing uses and management practices on Brewster’s Cape Cod Bay shore (the area extending from the bay facing- edge of the uplands to the lowest low tide of the intertidal flats)

  • Identify critical areas of the bay shore, including those that support important uses of the resource, either by humans or coastal species and those that are vulnerable to erosion or affected by upland development
  • Identify a range of alternatives to address:
  • future management of all the coastal resources of Brewster’s bay shore
  • public access to the bay, including alternatives to onsite parking lots
  •  rising sea levels and increases in storm intensity, including retreat and re-location
  • Recommend on-going, immediate (1-3years), short-term (4-6 years) and long- term ( 6+ years) actions
  • Recommend ways of securing funding, including new or changes to current means of generating revenue for coastal management and protection

The Committee is encouraged to invite public participation in the execution of its responsibilities.

In 2016 the Coastal Committee members met as part of the Brewster Coastal Advisory Group, a group of 19 people who met monthly to develop a Coastal Adaptation Strategy. Technical services were provided by Horsley and Whitten, and facilitation was provided by Consensus Building Institute (CBI). The agendas, meeting minutes, and all other BCAG related materials can be found on the CBI website at the link below.

The BCAG held its final meeting on September 19, 2016 and the Coastal Committee resumed meeting on January 25, 2017. 

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