Brewster Kicks Off Integrated Water Quality Planning Process

Brewster has begun the process of developing an Integrated Water Resource Management Plan. The goals of the Plan are the restoration and protection of the Town’s groundwater and surface water resources.


To direct and oversee the development of this Plan, the Board of Selectmen established the Comprehensive Water Planning Committee (CWPC) in April 2009. The eight-member CWPC is comprised of community volunteers, and is supported by town officials and staff. Its first order of business was to select a consultant to support the committee’s efforts. Following a competitive process, Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. (CDM), a Massachusetts-based firm with offices in Yarmouth and Cambridge, was chosen to assist the town and CWPC. CDM is providing similar services to Harwich, and Yarmouth on the Cape.

The CWPC held a kick off meeting in January 2010 with CDM to review their tasks for the first phase of developing the Integrated Water Resource Management Plan. Tasks include assessing current water quality conditions, estimating current and future wastewater and stormwater volumes and developing alternative actions to mitigate existing and future impacts to water quality. Throughout this first phase CDM will assist the CWPC in implementing a community education and outreach plan that will include community meetings, educational displays and regular updates on the Town’s website. The first phase is expected to take approximately 8 months.

The quality of our fresh and salt waters is a very important issue that affects all of Brewster’s citizens. Community education and outreach is a critical part of the planning process. The Committee will hold its first community meeting this spring. The meeting will be widely publicized once the date and location have been set.