Brewster Housing Partnership


The Brewster Housing Partnership was established to provide a local entity interested in and advocating- for local affordable housing initiatives in accordance with the guidelines and framework of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Massachusetts Housing Partnership. The partnership continues to provide input and coordination whenever a private comprehensive permit application comes before the Town and frequently comments on other projects, programs, and policies, including Community Preservation expenditures which could affect the Town’s Subsidized Housing Inventory. The committee consists of seven members appointed to three-year terms.

Committee Members

Steve Seaver 6/30/2022
Lisa Forhan 6/30/2022
Vanessa Greene 6/30/2023
Diane Pansire 6/30/2023
Jillian Douglass 6/30/2023
Ralph Marotti 6/30/2024
Sarah Robinson 6/30/2024

Agendas & Minutes
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For more information contact the Town Administrator's Office
508-896-3701 x1100
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631