Update on the Vision Process, December 2017

The Brewster Vision Advisory Group thanks all who participated in the October workshops and all those who are interested in the vision process. We want to update all residents on the progress to date.

  • Over 120 people attended the October workshops where participants shared their ideas for action in the 8 Building Blocks—Community character, Open space, Housing, Local economy, Coastal management, Water resources, Governance, and Community infrastructure. There were approximately 500 ideas generated by participants.
  • The Brewster Vision Advisory Group has now reviewed all the ideas and summarized and organized the action priorities for each of the Building Blocks.
  • These actions are the basis for an online survey where all residents can indicate the importance of actions for the town. Survey participants will also be able to add any other actions that they feel to be very important.
  • The survey will be available in January. Every property owner will get a postcard with a link to the online survey. The survey will also be available in hard copy in the Planning Department at Town Hall, the Brewster Ladies Library, and the Council on Aging.
  • The results from the survey and the October workshops will become the basis for a Draft Vision which will be available in a workshop in March. Workshop participants will then decide the actions the town needs to focus on for the future.
  • These actions will be summarized in the final Draft for a Vision for Brewster and presented to the Select Board in the spring.

The Brewster Vision Advisory Group hopes that all residents will complete the vision survey in January and attend the workshop in the spring.