Natural Resources Advisory Commission

The mission of the Brewster Natural Resources Advisory Commission is to assist the Brewster Select Board and Department of Natural Resources in guiding the sustainable use and enjoyment of Brewster’s abundant natural resources in ways that safeguard and enhance the ecological, social and recreational benefits of those resources over the long term.

The Commission’s Charge:

  • Promote public understanding. Create a better understanding of an appreciation for Brewster’s natural resources.
  • Provide guidance. Advise the Natural Resources Department, Select Board, and Town Administration on issues related to the protection, management, and enhancement of the Town’s coastal resources, ponds, streams, conservation lands, beaches and landings.
  • Facilitate public discussion. Serve as a forum for public discussion and information exchange concerning the protection, enhancement, and management of the Town’s natural resources.
  • Participate in policy development. Assist in developing policies and regulations regarding the Town’s natural resources.
  • Serve as a liaison among various groups engaged in complex issues. Assist with developing creating solutions for natural resource areas that have multiple user groups.
  • Assist in coordinating complex planning efforts directly related to natural resource issues as may be directed by Town Meeting and/or Select Board.
  • Oversee implementation of plans and programs related to natural resource issues as may be directed by Town Meeting and/or Select Board.

Committee membership:

Chris Williams 6/30/2023
Patricia Hughes 6/30/2024
Kimberley Pearson 6/30/2022
Elizabeth Taylor 6/30/2023
Amy Henderson 6/30/2024
Peter Nielsen 6/30/2025

Seven to nine members:

Up to five members of the public at large, preferably with a background in coastal issues, land management, and/or water protection, plus one member each, representing the:

  • Shell fishing community
  • Brewster Open Space Committee
  • Brewster Conservation Trust
  • Brewster Ponds Coalition

Agendas and Minutes

For More Information Contact The Natural Resources Department
1657 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631