OKH Historic District Committee

Online Permitting Is Now Available For Old Kings Highway Permits

The Historic District Committee is responsible for the external review of new buildings or structures undergoing alterations within the Brewster Historic District. It is the committee’s charge to ensure any changes are appropriate to maintaining the aesthetic tradition of Brewster as a member of the Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District.  

Committee Members

James Trabulsie 5/18/2023
Patricia Busch 5/21/2023
Tom Turcketta 6/30/2022
Carol Appleton 5/21/2024
Steven Bergquist 5/25/2025
George Carey 6/30/2022

Procedures During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Town staff is available by phone at #508-896-3701 ext. 1125 or via email. Jessica Gelatt can be reached at jegelatt@brewster-ma.gov

Application materials and associated forms are available online as fillable PDFs (see https://portal.laserfiche.com/Portal/Browse.aspx?id=75777&repo=r-153f9d98). These materials can be filled out online by clicking on a line in the document and typing in information. Once completed you can save the filled out document and submit it as an attachment to Sara Provos via email.

Applications can be received by email and be reviewed to the extent possible for completeness. In the event that file attachments exceed email size limitations, please mail hard copies. Hard copy information submitted in conjunction with an application submitted by email, will be reviewed when possible. Please mail all information to Town of Brewster- OKH, 2198 Main Street, Brewster, MA 02631.

Hard copies may also be dropped off at the drop box located at Town Hall. Please be advised that hard copies could have a 48-56 hour delay in the time that the application is dropped off or received by mail and when it is considered officially received.

Applicants will be notified electronically when applications are deemed “complete”.

We are working on establishing protocols for remote meetings and public hearings. Please contact Sara Provos regarding scheduled public hearings. 

Old King's Highway Bulletin including rules and guidelines.

Current map of the Brewster portion of the Old King's Highway historical district.

Historical  Maps of the Old King's Highway

Applications, Forms, & Other Documents

Agendas & Minutes

Public Meeting Packets

For more information

Historic District Committee
508-896-3701 x1125
Brewster Town Offices
2198 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631