Last Call, Closing Soon: 2020 Brewster Open Space and Recreation Plan Community Survey

The Town of Brewster is in the process of updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan.  This plan provides a framework for continued conservation and recreation planning in Brewster.  The update is required for Brewster to remain eligible for State funding to acquire and protect open space and recreation parcels. 

The first part of the process is surveying Brewster residents to obtain their views on the Town’s open space and recreation priorities.  Please take a few minutes and provide your input.

To begin the survey visit:


The term "open space" is often used to refer to:

  • conservation land, 
  • forested land, 
  • recreation land, 
  • agricultural land,
  • corridor parks and amenities such as small parks,
  • green buffers along roadways, or 
  • any open area that is owned by an agency or organization dedicated to conservation.

The term can also refer to undeveloped land with particular conservation or recreation interest. This includes vacant lots and brownfields that can be redeveloped into recreation areas. 

Some open space can be used for passive activities such as walking, hiking, and nature study, while others are used for more active recreational uses including soccer, tennis, or baseball.

In Brewster, open space encompasses all these lands and includes trails, bikeways, walking paths, and beaches.

Brewster has engaged its citizens in several recent survey efforts, including about the Town’s Vision Plan. This Open Space and Recreation survey builds on these efforts and will collect vital information for Town leaders and members of the community.