Town Clerk

All election nomination papers may be submitted via the dropbox located outside of the parking lot entrance of Town Hall. Please place them in an envelope with contact information. If the papers are for a county or state office, please include a note on who can pick up the papers if it will not be the candidate. The box is checked daily. I will contact you after certification with pick-up instructions if necessary. Thank you for your understanding during this period.


The Town Clerk is an appointed position. The mission of the Town Clerk’s Office is to uphold the integrity of the Town’s democratic process, to maintain and preserve public records, and to act in the best interest of the community by providing innovative, efficient, quality service.

Voter Registration and Chief Election Official

  • Conducts all town, state and federal elections and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions.
  • Assists voters interested in running for public office.
  • Supervises voter registration and absentee balloting.
  • Conducts annual town census, annual street lists and assists the Jury Commissioner with the preparation of the Jury List.
  • Assists the Secretary of the Commonwealth with maintaining the commonwealth’s Central Voter Registry

Registrar of Vital Records

  • Registers all vital events (births, deaths, marriages and adoptions) occurring within the community and those events occurring elsewhere to Brewster residents.
  • Records and preserves original vital records providing the basis for the Commonwealth’s central vital registration system.
  • Provides certified copies of vital records and assists with genealogical research.
  • Certified Copies are $10.00 each.

Licensing Officer

  • Issues state licenses: marriage licenses - $25.00 raffle/bazaar permits - $10.00
  • Issues county and town licenses: dog and kennel licenses, business certificates.
  • $6.00 Spayed/Neutered - $12.00 Intact - $50.00 Kennel
  • Business Certificates - $30.00 for 4 Years

Public Information Officer

  • Responds to inquiries from the general public and facilitator with various departments.
  • Provides knowledge and assistance in a fair and impartial manner to all.
  • The Town Clerk’s Office serves as the central information point for local residents and citizens at large.

Public Records Officer

  • Administers and records all oaths of office.
  • Posts meetings of all governmental bodies.
  • Responsible for informing all elected and appointed officials of the State’s Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Laws.
  • Provides access to public records.
  • Maintains municipal laws (Town Code).
  • Responsible for submittal of new by-laws to the State Attorney General for approval.

Recording Officer

  • Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning and Zoning Board decisions.
  • Certifies all notes for borrowing and is the keeper of the Town Seal.
  • Records all pole locations approved by the Selectmen.

Marriage Licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office. Both persons must be 18 years of age, there is a three day waiting period, both parties must apply in person. A medical certificate is not required. Visitors and part-time residents should note that a marriage license obtained anywhere in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be used anywhere in Massachusetts (ie, you can obtain a license in your home town within Massachusetts and still have your ceremony in Brewster). has full information on marriage laws available online.

Dog licenses are available at the Town Clerk's office. No dogs, leashed or otherwise, are permitted on the beaches between May 1st and October 1st, violators will be prosecuted. Problems with domestic animals should be reported to the Animal Control Officer at the Brewster Police Department. Spayed or Neutered: $6/year, Not Spayed or Neutered: $12/year

Please note that as of November 2004, the Brewster Town Clerk's office is no longer issuing fishing, hunting, and other sportsman's licenses. These may be obtained directly from the state's website. Shellfishing licenses are available in the Selectman's Office.

Residents of Brewster who are US Citizens and will be 18 or over on or before the date of the next election may register to vote at the Town Clerk's Office at Brewster Town Hall or can register at the Registry of Motor Vehicles

Dog License Application

Vital Records Request Form

Absentee Ballot Request Form

Business License/DBA Application

Town Meeting Warrants, Election Reports, & Other Documents

Colette Williams, Town Clerk
2198 Main St Brewster, MA 02631
Phone 508-896-4506
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