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Brewster Cumulative Cases: 553 (110 in long-term care facilities)
Please note - # of cases may differ from state or county totals based on data collection methods. Long term care facility data reported to the state database includes all residents and staff tested at the facility. Brewster totals only include residents and staff that reside in Brewster. Click here for a chart of cases by date.

The Brewster Town Offices are available by email and phone Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4pm and are open to the public Tuesday & Thursday. Inspectional services are available, click here for more information.

Cyclical Reinspection Underway

Beginning today, August 1,, 2017, a data collector from the pk Valuation Group will be working in town. She will also be measuring and listing other properties under the state-mandated Cyclical Re-Inspection Program, which requires us to visit every property in town at least once every nine years. She is expected to be in town for the month of August.

The data collector will have a letter of reference from the Assessors Department, but please do not hesitate to contact the Assessing Department at 508-896-3701 extension 1237 if you have any questions. In addition the Police Department will have the information identifying her automobile and registration. Your cooperation in allowing access to your property is voluntary, but will be greatly appreciated.