Veterans Real Estate Tax Abatement Program

The Veteran Real Estate Tax Abatement Program matches municipal volunteer opportunities in the Town of Brewster with eligible veterans who are qualified and able to volunteer their services in exchange for a reduction in their real estate tax bills. Program participants may work in a variety of jobs for the Town. While this program is similar to the Senior Tax work-off program, it is separate and distinct.

Application in PDF format

Veteran Real Estate Tax Abatement Program 2019 Program Overview (Fiscal Year 2020)

Tax Credit Amount
In exchange for volunteer service, the Town will abate the annual real estate property tax by $500.00* (*less mandatory deductions). Half of the net abatement amount will be deducted from the fall real estate tax bill and the remainder will be deducted from the spring real estate tax bill. A minimum of 45.5 hours of volunteer service must be completed by September 1, 2019. For the 2019 Program there are five available spots.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Town of Brewster veteran, as defined by MGL Ch. 4 § 7 clause 43, or spouse of a veteran in the case where the veteran is deceased or has a service-connected disability.
  • Homeowner and occupant as of July 1st of the prior calendar year for the property that the abatement is requested (if the property is in a trust, you must have legal title, i.e., be one of the trustees).
  • Owned and occupied real estate in Brewster for the preceding one (1) year.
  • Limit of one (1) Veteran Real Estate Tax Abatement per property, if you own multiple properties only your domicile is eligible for abatement, only one (1) owner can apply for this abatement (Note; You will continue to receive other exemptions to which you are entitled
  • Must be current with payment of all Town taxes.
  • Residents can only participant in the either the Veterans or Senior Tax Work-off Program, not both.
  • The abatement will be posted to the real estate tax account once the first half bill has been issued. If you sell your property prior to receiving the posted abatement, an agreement will need to be made between the buyer and seller at closing regarding the property tax abatement.

Volunteer Assignment Criteria

  • Applicants should have skills & qualifications that match volunteer assignment requirements
  • The service requirement must be completed by September 1, 2019
  • Hours may not be saved or carried over to the next program year

Mandatory Deductions for Participants Deducted from Gross Abatement Amount

  • OBRA; 7.5% gross contribution unless exempt (this amount may be returned at the end of the program)
  • Medicare; 1.45% gross contribution

State & Federal Tax Obligations

  • Exempt from MA taxes
  • Included in taxpayers gross income for both Federal & FICA purposes through a W-2 form

Benefits; Health/Life/Workers Comp

  • Not eligible for any Town benefits

Application Process

  • Complete applications, including all attachments, are due to the Town Hall no later than December 21, 2018