Brewster Select Board Pledges Renewed Focus On Addressing Local Issues Of Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion

Town of Brewster, Massachusetts - As elected leaders, we sometimes are compelled to speak out on issues that affect not only Brewster, but our region, our state, and our nation. Tonight, we express our outrage over the death of George Floyd, and over the persistence of discrimination based on race and ethnicity in our country. We have struggled with this since the killing of Michael Brown in 2014, since the beating of Rodney King in 1991, since the murder of Emmett Till in 1955, since the United States was founded on an institution of slavery. The legacy of the multitude of deep injustices infects the soul of America, and the tragedy of George Floyd’s death brings back into the light the problems that we too often and too quickly allow to fade into the shadows. Black Lives Matter, and this is important because throughout our history, and still today, there are many circumstances such as the George Floyd tragedy, when the life of a person of color has been treated as if it did not.

In 2017, soon to be Chief Eldredge organized a forum for our community to discuss race and policing. It was a well-attended and well received event in the library. Our police department issued a pamphlet that year making clear our policy against racial profiling in any form. And Brewster that same year took action at Town Meeting to protect immigrants regardless of legal status.

In the current national climate, we seek to take additional steps to address disparities of all kinds in our community. We pledge to make these a renewed and ongoing focus in our deliberations and our decisions. We were elected to serve our community. Doing what we can to make Brewster more just and equitable is our mission.