Green Communities Designation & Proposed Solar Initiatives on Captains Golf Course Parking Lots

In February 2020, the Town of Brewster was designated by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources as a Green Community and awarded $150,270 in initial grant funding. The Town will use these funds to perform energy upgrades at multiple buildings, including Town Hall, Natural Resources, Brewster Ladies Library, Council on Aging and the Water Department, and to hire an Energy Manager to support these projects and other related initiatives.

As a Green Community, the Town has affirmed its commitment to implementing best practices in energy reduction, promoting renewable and clean energy projects, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with the Town’s Energy Committee’s efforts over the years. Working with our regional partners, Cape Light Compact (CLC) and Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC), the Town has participated in various energy initiatives, including the solar array at the Town Recycling Center and LED streetlights upgrades.

The Town recently participated in CVEC Round 4 solar initiatives which include the installation of rooftop solar panels on the Fire Department and Water Department facilities and construction of solar carports at the Captain’s Course Driving Range and Golf Course. The Planning Board recently approved the carport at the driving range parking lot and is currently reviewing plans for the carport at the main lot. The Town and CVEC have negotiated lease agreements for these two carports that will provide $100,000/year in revenues to the Town over the next 20 years. Please click here for more project details.

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