Town Charter Approved by State & Now in Effect

On January 5, 2023, Massachusetts lawmakers approved the Town of Brewster’s Home Rule Petition to establish a Town Charter. Brewster voters approved the Charter, as developed by the Charter Committee and recommended by the Select Board, at the May 2021 Town Meeting.  Our inaugural Town Charter, which specifies how the Town operates, is now in effect.

Brewster’s Town Charter:

  • Retains open Town Meeting and Select Board form of government.
  • Defines powers of Chief Administrative Officer and changes title to Town Manager.
  • Defines powers of elected and appointed boards.
  • Creates a single governing document for the form, structure, and organization of the Town.
  • Resolves ambiguities and conflicts between and among Town bylaws and/or state laws.
  • Memorializes current Brewster practices and applicable best practices in local governance.
  • Sets clear lines of authority and responsibilities.

Click here to view the approved Town Charter.