Compost Available at Recycling Center

Brewster residents may once again pick-up screened compost, at no charge, at the Brewster Recycling Center. Screened compost is an excellent additive to soil used by gardeners. It makes any soil easier to work, and improves its ability to retain moisture and nutrients. Each year, the Brewster Recycling Center creates 500+ yards of screened compost from leaves, grass clippings, and other organic material brought to the facility by users. The material is piled and turned periodically to accelerate the decay process, and is then screened to remove large pieces.

The cost of preparing compost is covered by a state award the Recycling Center receives for excellent recycling efforts (“Recycling Dividend Points”). The Brewster Recycling Center is open Thursday through Monday, 8AM to 3PM.

Happy gardening!