Commercial Razor Clam Program

At the direction of the Brewster Select Board, we are opening up the pilot Commercial Razor Clam program to additional people who wish to participate.

The pilot runs until September 30th 2018 and is limited to 15 commercial harvesters. To date we have issued Pilot Razor Clam endorsements to 5 participants, leaving 10 available endorsements.

To participate, please contact the office of the Select Board and fill out an application prior to noon on Monday July 16, 2018. You must meet the residency and other requirements under our commercial shellfishing regulations to apply. If more than 10 applications are received, we will hold a lottery to randomly select applicants up to the limit of 15 total participants. Once selected, you will need to obtain a state commercial fishing permit that has been endorsed for shellfish. You may then purchase a Brewster limited commercial permit endorsed for razor clams through the office of the Select Board. This permit is $100 and is valid through the end of September 2018 for razor clam harvest only.

The pilot Razor Clam harvest regulations have specific requirements of harvest, notice and reporting that must also be followed.