Bow Hunting in the Punkhorn Parklands – December 5 through December 24

Following a positive May 2022 Town Meeting vote to allow bow hunting in the Punkhorn Parklands, the Boards and Commissions with care and custody of the properties in the Punkhorn Parklands designated the area in which bow hunting is allowed. This designated area will be open for bow hunting only, beginning Monday, December 5th and ending on Saturday, December 24th. Please study the maps of the designated areas to be aware of where hunting in Brewster is permitted and where it is prohibited.

A local permit from the Town Clerk’s office is required in order to hunt. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays in Massachusetts. To prepare for the season, hunters must pay attention to the updated 2022-2023 Brewster Hunting Regulations.

The safety of hunters and non-hunters is of paramount importance during hunting season. Hunters must read the state’s hunting regulations. Non-hunters should also review the list of safety tips provided by the state.