FY 2022 Real Estate Taxes

Fiscal Year 2022 Real Estate & Personal Property First Half Tax bills will be issued on October 18, 2021 and are due Wednesday, November 17, 2021.  Second Half Tax bills will be due May 3, 2022 (30 days after the issue date of April 1, 2022). 

The Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2022 is $7.85 per thousand. The time period this bill covers is from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 (Fiscal Year 2022). You are taxed according to the status of your property as of January 1, 2021.

First Half Due Dates
Issue Date Due Date Penalty Date
October 18, 2021 November 17, 2021 November 18, 2021

Second Half Due Dates
Issue Date Due Date Penalty Date
April 1, 2022 May 3, 2022 May 4, 2022

Payments should be received in the Tax Collector’s Office no later than 4:00 PM on the Due Date as stated on the bill. Any payments received after the due date will be subject to interest and charges at the rate of 14% Per Annum on a daily basis from the due date until payment is received.

For your convenience, we have an outside Drop Box. You can pay any tax bill with a check or money order by dropping your payment in the outside drop box located at the Town Hall Main Entrance (just to the right of the double doors.) Payments dropped after 3:30 p.m. will be credited on the following business day. No Cash Please! 

According to State Law, POSTMARKS DO NOT VERIFY TIMELY PAYMENT. Please be sure to mail early so your payment arrives on or before the due date. If you don’t think your payment will arrive by the due date, please call for the new amount due with interest before mailing.

Payments should be made payable to the TOWN OF BREWSTER. Please enclose the bottom portion of your bill with your payment. If you would like a receipted copy, enclose the entire tax bill with your check and a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

If your taxes are paid from a bank escrow account, send the bill to your bank immediately. You may request your bank to make your payment in advance of the final due date. Please be advised that most banks do not pay Personal Property Taxes. 

Do not Post-Date your check. Post-dated checks will be deposited when received. Checks will not be held by the Collector for later deposit. Do not enclose cash.

REMINDER: If you purchased the property after January 1, 2021, State Law dictates that the previous owners’ name, along with your name, must remain on the Real Estate tax bill until the next billing for Fiscal Year 2023.

If you need to update the billing address on your tax bill, Please contact the Assessor’s Office in writing.


1) This was your primary domicile on January 1, 2021 OR

2) The dwelling is rented unfurnished

You must have filed an abatement application in the Assessor’s office by the first half due date of Wednesday, November 17, 2021, as stated on the tax bill, in order to be entitled to a Tax Abatement.

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 59, all personal property taxes are charged to the owner of record as of January 1, 2021, for the Fiscal Year 2022. IF YOU SOLD THE PROPERTY AFTER JANUARY 1, 2021, AS OWNER OF RECORD ON JANUARY 1, 2021 YOU ARE STILL LIABLE FOR PAYMENT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES FOR THE ENTIRE FISCAL YEAR 2022.