Water Commissioners Approve Installation of Town Water Dispensing Station

The Brewster Water Commissioners voted on April 26 to install a municipal water bottle filling station at Brewster Town Hall. The installation is a pilot project, and if well-used more stations may be placed around town.

The water station (also known as a water kiosk or hydration station) will:

  • Encourage drinking Brewster’s award winning tap water rather than single use bottled water,
  • Reduce plastic consumption by offering residents and visitors a site to refill reusable bottles,
  • Remove plastic from the waste stream, and
  • Be aligned with Brewster’s commitment to environmental leadership.

The concept proposal was presented to the Commissioners by Select Board member Mary Chaffee and Water Superintendent Paul Anderson. The Brewster Water Department will install the water station. Water refill stations are popular in Australia and Europe, and in a number of U.S. cities including New York which has about 500 stations. The town of Falmouth recently installed two water stations with others planned.