Drink Brewster Tap

Brewster’s Water Commissioners and Recycling Commission have approved the launch of “Drink Brewster Tap,” an educational campaign to encourage people to drink Brewster’s award-winning tap water (and avoid purchasing water in plastic bottles). Messages about Brewster’s tap water will appear on the Town website, cable channel 18, and the Town’s social media.

Drinking tap water offers numerous benefits. It’s less expensive than bottled water, it produces no waste for the consumer when used, and it saves energy – bottled products use energy during manufacturing, packaging, and when transported to stores.

Municipal water systems like Brewster’s are regulated to ensure quality and safety. In addition to federal and state regulation, Brewster has additional water quality protections including for our drinking water wells.

Brewster’s water has received five awards recently including “Best Drinking Water in New England” and “Best Tasting Water” in Massachusetts.