Notice of Proposed Water Rate Increase

The Brewster Water Department’s operations and capital expenses are funded by the water bills distributed in August and February each year. Water rate studies, done by a third party, are performed periodically to ensure the revenues produced by billing will support the Water Department’s annual budget approved at Annual Town Meeting. Water rate studies are typically done every three to five years. Prior to this year, Brewster’s last rate study was conducted in 2015 and changes were implemented in 2016. 

A new water rate study was completed in May 2020 and an increase in the existing rate structure effective July 1, 2020 was recommended. After careful examination, the Brewster Water Commissioners supported a gradual increase in rates over five years. A summary of the rate study and recommendations will be presented at the Select Board meeting on June 15, 2020. This summary can be viewed at the town website and comments can be submitted to the Water Superintendent at