Energy and Climate Action Committee

The Committee shall be appointed by the Select Board and shall be comprised of seven voting members for three-year staggered terms. One part-time resident may be appointed as applicable. The Brewster representatives to the boards of the Cape Light Compact and the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative shall be ex-officio members, if not full members of the Committee. The Committee will report to the Select Board on energy- and climate-related matters and shall make recommendations for future action.

The Committee shall coordinate with relevant Brewster committees and outside organizations as necessary to accomplish its charge as set forth below.


The Committee is charged to evaluate the economic and practical feasibility of all energy-related projects and climate change-related activities on Town municipal property. Activities undertaken under this charge include but are not limited to such things as:

  1. Evaluating and making recommendations regarding energy efficiency, energy conservation, and greenhouse gas reduction for Town facilities, projects, and practices.
    1. Reviewing Town bylaws, regulations, and policies to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation, and making recommendations to Town administration.   
    2. The Committee is charged to conduct educational outreach to residents and businesses on climate change mitigation and adaptive strategies, as well as energy-related matters, in coordination with the Town Administrator and/or the Select Board.
  2. The Committee is charged to lead Town efforts to address climate mitigation and adaptation goals, as identified in the Town’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Hazard Mitigation Plan, Climate Emergency and Net Zero Declaration, Local Comprehensive Plan and Select Board Strategic Plan. Where appropriate, these efforts are to be coordinated with the Natural Resources Advisory Commission, and recommendations are to be brought forward to Town administration. 

Board/Committee Members

NamePositionTerm End
Edwin (Forry) WeatherbyMember6/30/2026
Bruce SempleMember6/30/2025
Christine BoucherMember6/30/2026
Colin OdellMember6/30/2024
Richard WolfMember6/30/2026
Charles HansonMember6/30/2025
Philip VanHorneMember6/30/2024