First Light Beach Policy



A. PURPOSE: The Town of Brewster purchased the Cape Cod Sea Camps Bay parcel in November 2021. In order to allow residents beach access for the 2022 season, the Town has created designated parking for up to 50 residents at the Bay Parcel. This will be the Town’s first resident only beach and requires regulations that are specific to the former Cape Cod Sea Camps property. The Select Board has policy making authority over Town beach locations. The Public Beach area includes the beach, parking lot, and adjacent dunes and flats. Further, Town Meeting placed this entire property under the care, custody, and control of the Select Board.


1. Resident vehicle permits are required for access to resident parking at First Light Beach. Vehicles will enter through the main entrance off Route 6A and stop at the gate house to verify they have a valid resident parking permit. The gate attendant will limit the number of cars that are admitted to the maximum capacity of the new parking lot. Once the lot has reached capacity, additional vehicles will not be admitted and temporary signage to notify residents will be posted on Route 6A. The lot will reopen at the discretion of the gate attendant (ie. not one-for-one).

2. Parking is allowed in designated spaces only with valid resident permit. Vehicles must use the designated entrance and exit ways to enter and exit the beach. Vehicles are not permitted to park in any location other than the designated beach parking lot. Parking is only permitted in marked spaces. Parking is prohibited from blocking entrances to beach, walkways to beach, and emergency access, including on or adjacent to the access roads.

3. The beach and parking area will be open from 8am to 8pm. No new vehicles will be allowed into the property after 6pm. Vehicles that remain in the parking lot after 8pm will be towed at owner’s expense.

4. Visitors are allowed to enter the property on foot or by bicycle and should check in at the gate house. All visitors must exit the property by 8pm. Pedestrian and/or bicycle entry may be restricted by appropriate Town Agents as needed.

5. The entire parcel is not open for public use at this time. Accessing and/or using the property, other than the beach and related facilities, is prohibited. Exemptions to these parking and access restrictions apply to special events hosted by the Town.

6. Spruce Hill access: Visitors accessing First Light Beach from Spruce Hill must have a valid parking permit and must park in a designated space. These visitors must use the existing path at Spruce Hill to access the beach.

7. The Natural Resources Department shall manage kayak racks at First Light Beach in a manner consistent with existing Town-wide regulations.


Please supervise children at all times within the public beach area, including in the water and on the flats.

9. Please keep off dune areas. These are areas which are subject to erosion from wind, water or traffic. Do not pick or disturb Sea Lavender, Beach Grass or other vegetation. Be aware of poison ivy, which is abundant. No feeding of waterfowl is allowed.

10. Per Board of Health Regulation, Smoking is prohibited on all public bathing beaches, Town owned parks, playgrounds, playing fields and walking trails.

11. Per Board of Health Regulation, Animals and/or pets are not permitted at public ponds, landings beaches and tidal flats and the associated parking areas, or in unattended vehicles from May 15 to September 15. At all other times, owners are responsible for keeping pets leashed and for the removal of animal waste.

12. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Town property. It is unlawful for any person to consume alcoholic beverages on public highways or in public parking places, including vehicles thereon, within the Town of Brewster.

13. Littering is prohibited. All refuse and recycling must be placed in a rubbish or recycling container. Please separate your refuse recycling into the provided appropriate containers. Glass containers are not allowed on beaches. Household refuse may not be disposed of in beach refuse or recycling containers.

14. No person shall disturb the peace and tranquility of others. No lewd, obscene, profane, or indecent acts or language or excessive noise are permitted on Town property.

15. The damaging, defacing, or removing of any building, structure, or sign on Town property is not allowed. Violators will be prosecuted.

16. Selling, advertising, or giving away of goods or services on Town property is not allowed, except with written permission from the Select Board.

17. Tents, travel trailers, campers or other recreational vehicles are not allowed overnight on Town property. Vehicles over 22 ft are not permitted. Vehicles must fit within the painted lines.

18. Use of open fires or the use of fireworks is prohibited at all times, per the Fire Department.

19. Access to Town owned beach parking areas may be restricted at the discretion of the appropriate Town Agents at any time.