History of the Brewster Police Department

History of the Brewster Police Department

The Brewster Police Department was established at the Annual Town Meeting on March 2, 1954. Article 27 accepted Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 97A establishing a police department under the authority of a Chief of Police. An additional Article (28) appropriated $4,000 for a new police department. The Board of Selectmen appointed Howard C. MacGlashing as the first Chief of Police for the Town of Brewster. MacGlashing previously served as Constable, Dog Officer and Traffic Officer for the Town of Brewster. During the first year of operation, Chief MacGlashing investigated 11 auto accidents and investigated 61 complaints.

The first police cruiser for the town was put into operation in 1957 at the cost of $2470. For the first ten years at the Brewster Police Department, “Chief Mac” was the only full time police officer. He died suddenly in 1964.

Following the death of Chief Howard MacGlashing, the Board of Selectmen appointed Sabin Lord as Acting Chief of Police and Acting Dog Officer on June 2, 1964.

In November of 1964, Chief Sabin Lord files a department inventory and points out that the 1963 Plymouth is in poor condition and needs to be replaced as “it is impossible to keep the front end in line.”

The Brewster Police budget for 1966 totaled $19,500.

Chief Lord retired at the mandatory age of 65 and on February 1, 1973 James R. Ehrhart was hired as Chief of Police for Brewster. Chief Ehrhart was a member of the Orleans Police Department prior to his being selected as Brewster’s third Chief of Police. At this time the department consisted of the Chief, one Sergeant, six full time Patrolmen, nine part time Patrolmen, four Dispatchers and a budget of $199,090.

A new building was completed on September 14, 1974. The “new’ police and fire station located at 1657 Main Street was completed and occupied for the first day of operation at a cost of $395,000. Several major additions have been made to the building since it was originally constructed.

In 1994 the Brewster Police Department had three marked cruisers, one four wheel drive vehicle, three unmarked vehicles, and a boat. The department consisted of the Chief, one Captain, one Lieutenant, three Sergeants, one Detective, one Prosecutor, nine Patrolmen, four Dispatchers and three Summer Officers. The annual budget for the department was over $1,100,000. The department received 6931 calls.

On May 1, 2001 the Brewster Police Department moved from Main Street to 631 Harwich Road. The new police facility was constructed for $4,000,000 under the direction of Chief Ehrhart. The station is designed to house thirty five police employees and support an anticipated population of 15,000 to 20,000 year round residents. The new police station is 14,000 square feet. This was the first time in twenty five years the Police and Fire Departments had separate facilities.