Raccoon Rescue

While tree workers were removing a dead tree that had become a danger they were startled as a large raccoon came out of the tree and fled into the nearby woods. Looking further they discovered a family of baby raccoons. Not wanting the babies to be harmed during the tree removal they contacted the Brewster Police Department. Animal Control Officer Lynda Brogden-Burns responded to the scene. What was left of the tree was approximately 15 feet high. Officer Brogden-Burns requested the assistance of the Brewster Fire Department for a ladder. Climbing the ladder Officer Brogden-Burns located five baby raccoons in a hollowed out section of the tree, about 4 feet deep. Using a restraint pole she removed the babies one at a time and they were secured in a crate on the ground. The babies, who were approximately 7 weeks old and appeared to be healthy, were released in the wooded area where the mother raccoon was last seen.