Department Staffing

The Brewster Fire Department is a multi-functional all hazards emergency service organization that utilizes our dual certified and trained fire and emergency medical staff in an efficient and effective manner to provide high quality, professional service to our residents. As first responders all of our personnel are responsible and accountable for an array of emergency medical and fire suppression related duties and tasks that can vary not only on a daily basis, but sometimes minute-by-minute depending on the emergency incident or positional assignment.

All staff are trained as firefighters and as Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians. The department operates on a four-group schedule system. Full-time personnel except for the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and Fire Prevention Officer work 24 hour shifts with a schedule of one (1) 24-hour shift on-duty, 48 hours off-duty, one (1) 24-hour shift on-duty, and 96 hours off-duty. This translates to an average work week of 42 hours. Each group consists of a Captain and four firefighters. Minimum on-duty shift staffing is five (5) personnel.