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The Town of Brewster website may offer links to non-profit community websites as well as official governmental websites. Links to information on sites other than those operated by or on behalf of the Town of Brewster are for the convenience of the public only and are not an endorsement or recommendation of those sites. The Town of Brewster does not control or provide any content or information at these sites nor make any representation or warranty with respect to these sites or their content or operate or take responsibility for information. The Town of Brewster neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of such content or information and its use thereof is solely at the user's risk.

Links at Brewster Online must follow these guidelines:

  • The Town of Brewster reserves the right to refuse any link to websites that contain or promote illegal material or activities, hate speech or obscene content, or that contain patently false or misleading information
  • The link must be Brewster-related;
  • An email contact address must be provided;
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  • The link must be connected to a legitimate and lawful Web presence;
  • The person seeking the link must request it from the Webmaster by emailing, provide verifying information about the source of the link and justification for the link. If a link is denied, an explanation for the reasons of denial will be provided, and the person requesting it may appeal to the Town Administrator or Board of Selectmen.

The Town of Brewster reserves the right to sever links without notice to information that is outdated and is no longer useful to a site visitor or violates these policies.


The Brewster Board of Selectmen is the ultimate authority regarding policy governing the Town's Web site. The Webmaster aims to carry out Town Web policies day-to-day, but he/she is subject to the authority of the Town Manager. These policies may include defining the look and feel of the Web site or deciding who may post information to the site. Complaints about any aspect of Web policy should be brought first to the attention of the Webmaster and then the Town Manager. If a complainant is unsatisfied, he or she may appeal to the Board of Selectmen.

The Town of Brewster reserves the right to make changes in Web policy at any time.