Water Resources Task Force

Protecting our water quality and resources consistently ranks as one of the top priorities of our residents.  Over the past several years, Town officials have been working with our long-time water quality consultant, Horsley Witten, to continue to advance our water quality initiatives across town.  Water resource projects and policies are incredibly complex and they have significant potential impacts on the Town and our residents as we face numerous major policy decision points in the next few years. 

Continuing to make progress in improving water quality has been identified as a goal in the Select Board’s FY23-24 Strategic Plan as follows: “Convene a new Water Resources Task Force and develop updated plan and timeline for advancing integrated water quality initiatives, to include addressing DEP’s proposed changes to Title V regulations and continuing collaboration with external stakeholders.”  It has also been listed as a specific goal for the Town Manager in FY23. 

To assist in this critical work, the Town has convened a technical working group comprised of the following members:

  • Town Manager 
  • Natural Resources Director
  • Health Director
  • Town Planner
  • Select Board Liaison to Cape Cod & Islands Water Protection Fund Board
  • Board of Health Chair or their designee
  • Natural Resources Chair or their designee
  • Brewster Ponds Coalition President or their designee

While each of these individuals and groups have contributed in varying capacities on Brewster’s water resource work over the years, the creation of this task force formalizes our collective efforts and will ensure that key stakeholders are all involved in these discussions and working together in a coordinated manner going forward.  Horsley Witten is prepared to provide technical assistance to this group. The task force meets on a monthly basis and provides regular updates to the Select Board and other relevant committees.