Open Space Committee

Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Open Space Committee is to review and catalog undeveloped parcels in Brewster not owned by the town, and to prioritize the possible acquisition or preservation of these parcels and make recommendations to the Town regarding open space acquisitions. The Committee evaluates opportunities for the acquisition and protection of open space parcels against a number of criteria, including whether the Town’s acquisition of the parcel would help preserve Brewster’s character; protect water resources; abut or conjoin existing conservation lands; provide public access for walking, biking or other passive recreation; preserve or enhance distinctive streetscapes, views or vistas; or preserve important wildlife and/or vegetation habitat. Committee members are appointed by the Select Board.


The Town of Brewster's Open Space and Recreation Plan received final approval from the state in November 2022.

Board/Committee Members

NamePositionTerm End
Phil BurtMember6/30/2024
Don KeeranMember6/30/2026
Peter NortonMember6/30/2025
Elizabeth TaylorChair6/30/2024
Bruce EvansMember6/30/2025

Gary Christen

Member 6/30/2024
Peter HerrmannMember6/30/2026