Board of Health and Health Department


The Town of Brewster is pleased to announce that our Health and Building Departments recently launched a new online permitting platform, that can be accessed here.

This is a web-based permitting system that allows contractors and homeowners to create an account, apply for permits, upload required documents, and pay permit fees all in a few easy steps. The system also sends out regular email notifications to applicants for each step in the process, including approvals and inspections (some limitations apply).

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use ViewPoint Cloud.

Mission and Responsibilities

The Board of Health is responsible for the protection and promotion of the public’s health, control of disease, protection of the environment, and promotion of sanitary living conditions. The Board is represented in its daily business activities by a full-time Health Director and Health Department staff. Under Massachusetts General Law and state and local regulations and policies, the Board of Health has the authority to adopt health regulations and address concerns about issues that affect the public’s health. Board of Health members are elected.

Board/Committee Members

NamePositionTerm End
Kimberley PearsonVice-Chair2024
Penny HolemanMember2025
Abigail F ArcherMember2026
David C BennettChair2025
John Stewart KeithMember2026