Recycling Center


The Brewster Recycling Center’s mission is to dispose of the Town’s solid waste in an environmentally sound and fiscally responsible manner, and in compliance with all state and federal laws. Brewster residents are eligible to use the Recycling Center. 

The Town of Brewster is committed to reducing the volume and cost of solid waste disposal through recycling, reuse of items via the swap shop, and on-going resident education. 


Brewster uses the Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) model of solid waste management. PAYT generates an incentive for residents to recycle and reduce the amount of solid waste they generate. With PAYT, residents buy special PAYT bags to dispose of solid waste they generate. This is similar to paying for the amount of other services that are consumed like electricity and natural gas. Because Brewster pays by the ton to dispose of solid waste, when less is produced the Town’s costs are reduced. PAYT bags are available for purchase at grocery stores and markets in the area. 


Currently, these items are welcomed for recycling however recyclables markets change, and this list may change also. Please see the regularly updated Brewster Recycling Guide for additional information.

  • Glass (household)
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Newsprint 
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Metal 


The Recycling Center operates a Swap Shop as a strategy to keep still usable items from being disposed of in the Town’s solid waste. Entry to the Swap Shop will be through the Brewster Recycle Center with a valid Recycle Center permit or proof of residency. We ask Brewster residents to limit their drop-offs to one a day and limit the time inside the Swap Shop to 30 minutes. Please adhere to the Accepted Items list when making donations. The Swap Shop operates spring through fall. Volunteers staff the Swap Shop. 


The Recycling Center uses license plate recognition software. Once a resident pays their annual user fee, their license plate is entered into the Town database.


Certain bulky items can be disposed of at the Recycling Center when a fee is paid. See the Recycling Center Fee Schedule for specifics. 


For information about the Recycling Commission please click here.