Conservation Commission (RM B)

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 6:00pm
2198 Main Street
November 14, 2023 at 6:00 PM
This meeting will be conducted in person at the time and location identified above.  This means that at least a quorum of the members of the public body will attend the meeting in person and members of the public are welcome to attend in person as well.  As a courtesy only, access to the meeting is also being provided via remote means in accordance with applicable law.  Please note that while an option for remote attendance and/or participation is being provided as a courtesy to the public, the meeting/hearing will not be suspended or terminated if technological problems interrupt the virtual broadcast or affect remote attendance or participation, unless otherwise required by law. Members of the public with particular interest in any specific item on this agenda, which includes an applicant and its representatives, should make plans for in-person vs. virtual attendance accordingly.
Members of the public who wish to access the meeting may do so in the following manner:
Phone: Call (929) 436-2866 or (301) 715-8592.  Webinar ID: 817 0484 9610 Passcode: 565669
To request to speak: Press *9 and wait to be recognized.
Passcode: 565669
To request to speak: Tap Zoom “Raise Hand”, then wait to be recognized.
When required by law or allowed by the Chair, persons wishing to provide public comment or otherwise participate in the meeting, may do so by accessing the meeting remotely, as noted above. Additionally, the meeting will be broadcast live, in real time, via Live broadcast (Brewster Government TV Channel 18), Livestream (, or Video recording (
Please note that the Conservation Commission may take official action, including votes, on any item on this agenda.
1. Call to Order
2. Declaration of a Quorum
3. Meeting Participation Statement
4. Recording Statement: As required by the Open Meeting Law we are informing you that the Town will be video and audio taping as well as broadcasting this public meeting.  In addition, if anyone else intends to either video or audio tape this meeting they are required to inform the chair.
5. Public Announcements and Comment: Members of the public may address the Conservation Commission on matters not on the meeting’s agenda for a maximum of 3-5 minutes at the Chair’s discretion. The Conservation Commission will not reply to statements made or answer questions raised during public comment but may add items presented to a future agenda.
6. Discussion
a. Conservation Restrictions (2) Satucket Road, (1) Squantum Path, Hinckley Pond & (1) Anglers Cartway, for Commission recommendation & determination – Mark Robinson
b. 91 Carver Road, SE9-1672 Pfannenstiehl waiver request beach renourishment – Mark Burgess.
c. Discussion for Coastal Stabilization Work Meeting – Commissioners
d. Update from Conservation Administrator on Wetlands Protection Fund Expenditures and Results – Bill Grafton
e. Draft Feb 14, 2023 Meeting Minutes for Review & Ratification by Commissioners.
f. Draft Feb 28, 2023 Meeting Minutes for Review & Ratification by Commissioners.
g. Draft Mar 14, 2023 Meeting Minutes for Review & Ratification by Commissioners.
h. Draft Mar 28, 2023 Meeting Minutes for Review & Ratification by Commissioners.
7. Request for Determination of Applicability
a. None
8. Notices of Intent, Request for Amended Order of Conditions & Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation
a. 104 Canoe Pond Drive, 24-60. Continued Public Hearing. SE9-1952. Cont. to 12/12/23.
b. 83 Dune Road, 79-35. Whitcher. New Public Hearing. Jonathan P & Bonny Whitcher propose vista pruning & restoration work to remove & manage instances of invasive, nonnative, & aggressive vegetation within the 50 foot buffer zone of a coastal bank & coastal dune. SE9-1960. 
9. Request for Certificate of Compliance
a. 34 Sea Meadow Lane, 37-98. Michael Dennis Properties. SE9-1829.
b. 30 Swift Lane, 69-97. 30 Swift LLC. SE9-1490.
10. Request for Extension to Order of Conditions
a. 88 The Tides Court, 59-2. Gordon. SE9-1810. 
b. 90 The Tides Court, 59-1. Porter. SE9-1809. 
c. 115 The Tides Court, 58-44. Lapidus. SE9-1812.
d. 116 The Tides Court, 58-46. Olsen. SE9-1811.
e. Mariner’s Court, 90-160. Corcoran Jennison Management. SE9-1864.
f. 30 Swift Lane, 69-97. 30 Swift LLC. SE9-1868.
g. 0 Saints landing, 50-4. TOB DNR. SE9-1867. 
h. Crosby Landing, 38-10, 38-28. TOB DNR. SE9-1670.
i. Spruce Hill Beach/Main Street, 102-17. TOB DNR. SE9-1669.
j. Saints Landing/Robbins Hill Road, 50-4. TOB DNR. SE9-1668. 
k. Breakwater Road. 58-31. TOB DNR. SE9-1667. 
l. Point of Rocks Road, 79-24. TOB DNR. SE9-1666. 
m. Ellis Landing/0 Ellis Landing Road, 91-42 & 91-41. TOB DNR. SE9-1662.
n. 38 Captain Baker Road, 72-19.  Lammey. SE9-1712. Cont. to 12/12/23.
11. Show Cause
a. 2628 Main Street, 89-14 & 89-2. Continued - Brown.  
12. Request for Minor Change to Plan
a. 44 Governor Prence Road, 58-27. Jennet. SE9-1801.
13. Request for Administrative Review
a. 23 Indian Trail, 24-36. Murnane. After the fact shed. Tree Removal within 100 foot buffer.
b. 34 Susan Lane 55-11.  Koyanis.  Shed construction within 100 foot buffer.
14. Stormwater Permit Application under Code of the Town of Brewster, Chapter 272 Stormwater Management Bylaw
a. None.
15. Report of the Natural Resources Director 
a. None
16. Report of the Conservation Administrator   
a. Update on Conservation Permit Application Submittal Document Revisions. 
b. Coastal Stabilization Order of Conditions and Field Work in concert with coastal owners.
17. Matters Not Reasonably Anticipated by the Conservation Commission Chairman
18. Questions from the Media
19. Next Meeting:  November 28, 2023
20. Adjournment

Public Meeting Packet

To view, click this link: Amended Public Meeting Packet.

Instructions to navigate the packet are attached below.